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Special Events


Champagne, Pastries & Polish Pottery

Designer Collection Trunk Show


Host a party that's the talk of the town!  Sophie's Daughter "Champagne, Pastries & Polish Pottery" party is the event everybody is talking about and everyone wants to attend.  


Guests enjoy champagne, decadent chocolates and succulent pastries, while shopping the most famous stoneware in all of Europe...Sophie's Daughter Polish Pottery. 


Guaranteed to be a terrific time with fantastic food and friends and countless surprises!


Contact Sophie's Daughter to schedule an event.

Polish Pottery Presentations

Business, Special Interest, or Women’s Group Presentations

Do you have a business or special interest group interested in learning about Polish pottery?  We offer a variety of presentations on its history; an introduction to its art, artisans and factories; how to begin a UNIKAT heirloom collection; the fascinating history of cobalt blue; cooking and serving in stoneware; decorating with Polish pottery; creating heirloom pottery shard jewelry and more. We also offer presentations on European cuisine, travel and tourism, and Sophie’s Daughter business success story?  

We offer off-site presentations for special interest or business groups on a variety of topics that are informative, inspirational and fun! Many of our speaking engagements serve as keynote presentations during luncheon and evening dinner events.  We are currently booking adult "Gingerbread Parties" for 2017 that feature the fascinating history of gingerbread since the middle ages, and offers participants the opportunity to mold, make and decorate their own Polish gingerbread cookies.  Contact us and we’ll brainstorm the “perfect” presentation for your group.   

Polish Pottery Parties


Coordinate 10 or more friends for your own private shopping experience at the location of your choice.   Learn about the history of Polish Pottery Stoneware, taste food prepared in the bakeware, learn about practical ways to use the stoneware from decorating and functional everyday baking and cooking to unique “why didn’t I think of that” ideas that will increase the functionality of every piece of pottery.  Learn about the different shapes and styles, how to mix and match pieces to create a perfect tablescape, and what knowledge is necessary when purchasing pottery or beginning an heirloom collection.  Experience the centuries old art of stamped painting.  Meet the artisans behind each UNIKAT design. Presentation is about 30 minutes followed by up to 90 minutes of time to mix, mingle and shop.  Guests may make an immediate purchase and/or make a custom list of items to be hand selected by us during one of our shopping trips to Poland.  Host receives a substantial discount on their purchase based on overall sales of group. 


Some groups meet monthly to create culinary specialties in their group’s selected “pottery piece of the month” with ideas ranging from an array of soups, stews and mulled wine in tureens; savory “oil free and easy clean” casseroles in assorted size bakeware; effortless pierogi, pies and pizza prepared with stoneware rolling pins; muffin pans meals, awesome appetizers and portable snacks; Bundt pan roasted chicken; mug dinners and deserts; and so much more.  Contact us to find out how you can form a group and get the party started!


Bridal Showers and Wedding Registry


Hosting a Polish Pottery Shower is a fun and unique way to introduce the future bride (and groom) to a wide range of stoneware patterns and styles for their new home.  The couple can taste food and beverages prepared in Polish Pottery, play with various shapes, colors and patterns, and then create a Wedding Registry of the pieces they wish to receive.  Party guests can discreetly make purchases to be gift wrapped and delivered to the couple prior to the wedding.  We can set aside the couple's favorite pieces up to 2 months prior to the wedding and until 1 month after the wedding. Plus, our online Wedding Registry allows non-attendees to easily purchase gifts or gift certificates to complete the couple’s wish list. 


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