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Heart, Mind and Soul of the Artists...


Today, Polish pottery is created and preserved by skilled artisans who are able to make both traditional and modern patterns. Included in these designs are signature patterns that are created by highly-skilled artisans. These "unikat" or "unique" pieces are more intricate and bear the name of the artist. Additionally, these pieces are rare and highly collectible. Since each piece is handcrafted, slight variations in color and pattern may exist. Some of the most famous of these unique designs were those commissioned by the renowned 18th century King of Prussia, Frederick the Great.


What makes all Polish pottery highly collectable in that each piece is a reflection of the heart, mind and soul of the artists; elusive creators who with great solicitude give the pottery their shape, form and ultimately special look. As in all creative processes, the artists have their secret recipes, techniques and methods. These secrets are guarded and passed on to future generations.  That is why we are so pleased to share our artists' thoughts to enhance your enjoyment of their pottery. 



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